Faith Radio is all about the love of Jesus Christ!

Faith Radio is all about the love of Jesus Christ!

Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. (Mark 15:16)

Dear Friends,

I am very grateful for your prayers and support for me and Sharon, my family, the children of the orphanage and Faith Radio Uganda.

Sharon and I are praying for you and your families daily!

Please pray for Patrick’s health (my Dad) as he struggles from high blood pressure and periods of malaria. He will be soon returning to the doctor for a medical review. Please pray for his health health as he continues to serve God through the ministry of all that is Impact Ministries Uganda.

Last week our Faith Radio outreach team visited our listeners and an Impact branch church in an area affected by the flooding. Please pray for all those who have been affected by the flooding.

The local church is praying and fasting for recovery from the massive flooding because many farmers are losing crops and families have been displaced! We thank God the rains and flooding have subsided for now. The Faith Radio prayer team is interceding this month every evening with an “on-air” hour of prayer – for all the flood affected families, as well as future food shortages to come.

Please pray for our Faith Radio marketing efforts, we are working to sign-up advertising for a roofing company, Uganda Bhaati. We are confident that we can add this company to our advertising list. We need the income for Faith Radio to continue to share the Good News of Our Lord Jesus and support the needs of all those who are a part of our growing listener base.

My wife Sharon and I visited the orphanage together this week to pray for and encourage the children. Sharon has started a weekend program where she meets with the older girls to mentor them and encourage them to be women of GOD. Sharon wants to help them prepare for when they will leave the orphanage once grown to face the world!

I am very grateful for my wife Sharon, as she has become a prayer warrior for our ministries. She prays of all of you each day, our partners in ministry. I am very grateful to have such a pillar of strength as my ministry partner!

We encourage you to come and visit Uganda and witness what God is doing through the ministries that you support!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for provision of food, supplies & medicine for the orphanage
  • Pray for my Father’s health
  • Committed monthly financial support for Faith Radio
  • Pray for Faith Radio advertising sales success
  • Safety of Faith Radio staff

May GOD continue to bless you abundantly,

GOD bless you,
Daniel Okabe
Managing Director
Faith Radio Uganda

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