Faith Radio visits Butaleja District

Faith Radio visits Butaleja District

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year 2017! Thank you for your continued prayers and support for me, my family and the Faith Radio Uganda Ministry. I pray for you and your families also!

I am very grateful for your support and allowing me to partner with you in ministry during 2016. With God’s help we saw Faith Radio Uganda make great strides in 2016. We experienced good overall performance and our ratings have increased. Synovate, a marketing research information provider for Media Outlets in its 2016 annual report ranked Faith Radio Uganda 7th out of 25 radio stations in Eastern Uganda as to listener base.

We Praise God for this great achievement and we will continue to work hard to see that Faith Radio Uganda reaches the top of the rankings to raise the banner of Jesus high through Christian broadcasting!

This year we are working hard to increase our marketing and advertising efforts to make Faith Radio self-sufficient. We continue to visit as many companies as possible each month to sell advertising on Faith Radio.

I am currently in Kampala for a week to visit the Mukwano group of companies, Ministry of Health Uganda and a couple of Universities. Please pray for my success!

In Mbale we are focused on the private schools who are competing for students for the new school year 2017. Advertising from schools is important at this time of year, as many of the private schools are looking to find new students.

The Faith Radio staff visited Butaleja District to connect with our listeners in an area where the Faith Radio listener base is drastically growing. We hosted a children’s party to share Jesus Christ with the children and their parents. We also encouraged them to listen to Faith Radio Uganda. Our listener base continues to grow around Uganda and we believe God is on the move to have his word shared throughout Uganda by way of Faith Radio!

Two Pastors from Kachonga Uganda visited me at Faith Radio earlier last week to express their gratitude for Faith Radio impacting their community!

I encourage you to pray and continue to financially support Faith Radio Uganda.

  • My Monthly Support
  • Safety for the Faith Radio Staff
  • Monthly Station Expenses (Rent, Utilities, Generator Fuel & Staff Salaries)
  • Pray for our marketing efforts at Faith Radio Uganda

Praise Report! God has provided the funds required to purchase a vehicle for me to use in my marketing and ministry efforts – this is such a blessing!

May God continue to bless you all.

Daniel Okabe
Planning and Development
Faith Radio Uganda

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